If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Two Weeks to Go

Monday Nov 7th - I'm still mourning the loss of everything from my Mac. Just realizing how much was on there and what I'm going to have to recreate is sickening. I'm SO hoping/praying/pleading/
begging Jason can pull my stuff off that hard drive. PLEASE!!
Despite, I'm excited for a week of working out and living life...
And I'm truly excited about Cozumel. Guess what!? Mom is coming!!! YESSS!!
Monday fun run (speed work) with Team TOA Elite - 30 minutes

Tuesday Nov 8th - a morning workout with Emily + massage + hair and nails and CrossFit in the evening (800m run + overhead squats and snatches ~ I do not like snatches!! + 7minute AMRAP: 7 overhead squat ~ still a little shaky with these + 7 box jumps ~ new skill yay + 7 toes to bar ~ knees to bar but I'm getting there!)

Wednesday, Nov 9th - 1 hour on the spin bike and off to Florida...

Thursday, Nov 10th - woke up and it was so cold. So I went back to sleep. Ha! But an hour later I woke up and got 11 miles done. Boom! Luca and I decided to head north...

Friday, Nov 11th - woke up in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. Today was a traveling/adventure rest day! Active (or activity rather) rest ;)

Saturday, Nov 12th - who's ready to hike!? We did 2 hikes. The first with Jake for 2.5 miles and then just us for 3.5 miles. It wasn't hard but it wasn't easy either. Lots of up and down and lots of rocks and stuff to climb up, over, and around. My ankles were sore! And I felt worked!

Sunday, Nov 13th - travel/return to Florida.

Next week I am committing to every second in the pool, on my bike, and running. Let's do this!! Final days to Ironman Coz!!!...