If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I love summer but Autumn's my favorite


Monday, Feb 22, 2021 - I picked up mom from the airport last night. Almost died. Traffic was coming to a quick stop due to an accident. In my rearview mirror I saw a semi coming barreling at me. He last minute veered to the left lane and I slammed on my gas into the right shoulder. I'm afraid how close he was to for real hitting me. Freaking scary. I'm relieved mom arrived for a few days; I really start feeling overwhelmed when I don't have my independence (i.e. being here for gpa all the time). She ran the doctor errands and I was even able to go have a beer and wings with Trish and Andy. I need my friends.

HIIT Session


Tuesday, Feb 23 - it's a sunny morning. Today, I will run! And I did. 4 miles. I'm going to build back up. With sunshine comes new life. I think I will commit to some run challenges...

It was a tough work day today. If you don't know, I am the director of a marketing agency. Most of our clients are adoption and surrogacy agencies (I used to run the marketing for the adoption agencies internally but our big boss decided instead to open an actual marketing agency); we have a therapy agency as well. I have a staff and we are Marketing Choices. Sometimes I have to address issues that are uncomfortable and today was one of those days. It weighed on me all weekend honestly and then was super hard to get through, and still bothered me through the day. Let. It. Go. 

Had a sip of wine after dinner, was able to talk to my love for a little while, and ended this Tuesday watching some tv. 



Wednesday, Feb 24 - weirrrrrd dreams last night! Anyway...my brain this morning is on my bike. As in, I haven't rode my bike in AGES! This year Luca and I will do Kazakhstan 70.3 and full Ironman. The race is (hopefully) in August so I have time. I'm actually quite eager to get back on my bike and feel like an Ironman again! Maybe I can set up a stationary here while I'm in Ohio... Cheryl!!!!...

I got to video chat with my Luca today. Finally to see his beautiful face *hearts* God I miss him so much. 

I also started some mental health care today. We chatted for an hour and scheduled our first face to face for next week. I'm eager to get talking - if you've ever considered therapy, I highly recommend it. Often, just talking things out make a big difference. You don't have to take meds; seeing a therapist doesn't mean you're crazy or hate your life... it's an outlet. 

Today was a good day. Felt positive and strong. I like days like this. 

HIIT Session


Thursday, Feb 25 - another full day of work + a 3 mile run and dinner with Anita (mom), April, Alyssa, Autumn, and Ava - holy A's. Finally got my Mexican fix and now it's Aunty time!! Autumn will stay a couple of nights with us at grandpa's house. I love summer, but Autumn's my favorite.



Friday, Feb 26 - HIIT session with Autumn. Well, sort of. LOL, she came and went. Hopefully I can add the time-lapse video to this post. It cracks me up. Another long day working and evening playing with Autumn and Jake. 

HIIT Session


Saturday, Feb 27 - work, farm, work, farm, errands, farm, work. Seriously, that was my day! I honestly love working on the farm. Shoveling shit, throwing hay bails...it doesn't bother me. I rather enjoy it. Besides, I have HAY jokes all day and I make everyone laugh. 


Sunday, Feb 28 - plans to run today but so far, it's pouring down the rain... We watched the weather closely and found the break around noon. Cheryl fast walked, I ran, and mom met us at different points along the way (also walking in between stops) - this was in case the bottom fell out again. Plus, it's fun to run point to point. 10k is the longest I've ran since Turin in December. I'm slow and heavy - a few pounds up, but I'm ready to be consistently running again.