If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

It's about 'do you accept the challenge'...


I've been itching to get my blog fired back up. I've got things to say! Thoughts to consider! And stories to share. So, to whoever reads my blog and follows along, she is back in service!!

I really want to get restarted with the day to day accountability and diary like posts. They benefit my mental health and help me keep track of time. And especially with Luca and I being apart, I don't want him to miss a single moment!! Plus, grandpa says a lot of funny things and I need to write them down! 

And I guess I need to fill you in on the last couple of months. Last time we chatted, I was in Italy, probably recovering from COVID or on lockdown. <-- that hasn't changed much. Luca and I have just been living life, taking care of Jake, trying to make a baby, and honestly being quite boring! But, happy. So happy. I still rollercoaster with depression and anxiety but gosh it's never felt so happy. Being Luca's wife is the best thing to ever happen to me. Fast forward through a beautiful Christmas together, we're facing another chunk of months separated. Luca is on a mission out at sea and I'm here in Ohio on the farm helping with grandpa. 

That feels filling enough, let's move forward! 

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021 - the morning started with my 2nd COVID vaccination. I was nervous for this one - fearing the side effects or immune response but even more than that, I don't want the anxiety that comes along with my fears. I'd rather GET a fever, chills, and aches than deal with my anxiety. She's the real virus! But anyway, joking with the Vets beside me got me through it - got us all through it. The only soapbox I'm going to get on regarding the vaccination is this: educate yourself. If you're refusing the vaccine, know why you are refusing it and know that your reasoning is scientifically or medically valid. COVID is not political. I know this because I live in a country where it exists and the politics (like in America) don't. I am happy to offer my support and guidance along your decision journey. 

**steps down** 

A wonderful catch up conversation with my friend Beth led me to a beautiful thought, a new mantra - a sentiment that I hope settles inside your brain like it did mine: it's not about win or lose, it's about 'do you accept the challenge'. Man, take that to the bank! Use it in any situation you can think of and, mic drop! These catch up chats with my favorite friends just make my whole week. I jumped in the pool feeling energized!

An afternoon working before my dad came over to have dinner with me and grandpa. Everyone loves my Salmon Reuben's* so my dad bought some salmon and it was killer! The best line of the day: when my dad arrived and said Wow, John, look at that shiner*! Grandpa said, yeah you should see the other two guys. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I cried I laughed so hard. He's quick even at 91, that's for sure. And in fact, just for documenting sake, a few more one liners: 

I told grandpa I was going to get my blood drawn. He replied with, "Just drawn, or sketched?" 

Grandpa, I'm going to run to the store! Grandpa, "You don't have to run honey, just take the car."

There will be more team, don't worry, there will be more. 

SWIM: 1,300 yards

*Salmon Reuben: grilled salmon on Rye bread topped with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. Will knock your socks off! 

*Grandpa took a spill on Sunday, caught the concrete sidewalk with his brow and cheekbone. Refused to go get checked out because... Super Bowl! 

Wednesday, Feb 10, 2021 - that shot kicked. My. Ass. I was up and down all night with chills, fever, discomfort, aches and pains. And of course, anxiety. I gave myself a day to rest. I watched Storage Wars and napped on and off all day. Even taking a bath was exhausting. It raised the question, given this immune response, would you take the vaccination again? And of course, that was compared with taking an annual flu shot. I don't take the flu shot either. But guess what, I also don't GET the flu. Nor is the flu so contagious nor so deadly. Having the COVID vaccination means I feel safe around the yahoo's that refuse to believe in the respect for other people and you feel safe around me. For me, it's simple. It's a mass effort to the stop the spread. We could eradicate this virus if we worked together.


Thursday, Feb 11, 2021 - woke up feeling much better! Phew, glad that didn't last any longer! So today I hit a home workout (I've been doing HIIT sessions almost every day) + 30mins walking on the treadmill. I suck at running in the Ohio cold. It's COLD cold!! I have like a 32 degree rule and it's been in the single digits. That's noise. 

Tonight we celebrate Grandma's birthday. She would have been 85 - maybe, that's what grandpa says. Ha ha! I think she would have been 81 or 82. We got some Chinese take out though with my aunt and uncle. Family dinner - YAY!! 

Current late night tv obsessions: Flea Market Flip and Storage Wars. 

HIIT Session | Treadmill Walk

Friday, Feb 12, 2021 - got my workout in early today, spent the day working, and headed to Versailles to have a pizza and beer with Kelly and Jason. Kelly and I have been friends since 1st or 2nd grade... an entire lifetime really. She's just one of those people in life to keep. Love her! Oh and the pizza at One Pint Brewing is KILLER! 

HIIT Session | Treadmill Walk

Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 - Luca arrived in Norfolk, Virginia today! And we were finally able to talk. It's been about two weeks of (few and far between) emails only - that SUCKS! Miss my love more than anything on earth. And it's always so clear to me when we're apart, the sacrifices I make for us to be together. And the sacrifices that I'm willing to continue to make. My soul is alone without him. 

Cheryl and I went marching around the farm again - we're becoming quite the trackers - deer, coyote, fox, birds, and rabbit. We also may have a 1 legged something giant that comes out at night. Kidding not kidding. Shoveled some cow poo after that and wrapped up the day cleaning the house and cooking meatloaf for gramps. 

Luca sent the most beautiful lily and rose bouquet for Valentine's Day (tomorrow). My love is SO thoughtful. Gosh, he loves me so much. How lucky am I!?

Farm March | Shoveling Shit

Sunday, Feb 14, 2021 - blue today, even with my gorgeous flowers. Just feeling lonely and wish I had my guy to hold me and love on me. Physical touch is so important to me. Luca is even more important to me. I worked out, worked, and played with Jake all day.

HIIT Session | Treadmill Walk

My first week back committed to accountability on the blog... And a pretty active week at that (considering Covid vaccine day):

5 x HIIT sessions, 1 swim, 3 x treadmill sessions, 1 farm hike, 1 shoveling shit

I want to see more runs on this list. Next week I want to suck it up and run. Please?