If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

HIIT, Run, Repeat - and Snow


Feb 15

Monday, Feb 15, 2021 - it's white outside. Like 12 inches coming white. I'm telling you, IDK how to handle all this snow... *crying* It's blue on the inside. As in, I'm blue. I feel terribly down today. Very low. Depressed. Call it what you will. Sigh. 

This is Luca's mission in the U.S. if you're interested.

HIIT Session | Farm Hike

Feb 16

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021 - Happy Birthday to my brother. He would have been 45 today. I think about him everyday. Wonder where he is. He told me before he died that he was most afraid of it just being all over. That there’s nothingness. Zero. Black. He had a vision that "I’m going to close my eyes and die and I’m going to wake back up and not have cancer. Infinitive universe. So many versions of my life. Parallel universes. What I’m afraid of is that that actually doesn’t exist." Me too brother. And he also feared that Autumn would never know him or forget him. Also, me too. 

HIIT Session | Farm Hike

Feb 17

Wednesday, Feb 17 - an unintentional rest day mostly because time escaped me in the a.m. (I was working) so I could have lunch and shopping with my girls. Lunch at Agave and Rye - the place that took over La Piazza's space in downtown Troy. Pretty good tacos. They call them "epic" although I think that's a pretty bold statement. I think we overuse grand words - like epic. Semantic satiation. Big words like "epic" have lost their true meaning because it's used in less than epic moments. Like, "epic tacos". Are they EPIC or are they just pretty good? Anyway... ha ha, Lisa'ism.

Thursday, Feb 18 - back in the pool this morning! 1,000 yards. Doesn't feel like much, I was quite heavy in there today! Also grabbed a short HIIT session after. I felt really uncomfortable in the gym so I was in and out. COVID has changed everything. Sad. Mad. Blah.

Swim | HIIT Session 

Friday, Feb 19 - again, worked all day. Threw in a HIIT session and a 2 mile run. I'm really really ready to pick my runs back up. The cold isn't SO bad. I'm cold starting but warm up quick. I think I'm just being winter lazy. Stop it Lisa!! I'm going to hate myself when I peel off all these layers for the sun. 

Run | HIIT Session

Feb 20

Saturday, Feb 20 - another run, 3 miles today. I will build it back up! Ran a few errands with Cheryl. UPS wanted $345 to ship my package to Italy. Not no, F no. Why does international shipping have to be so much?! Even a small envelope costed nearly $20. Crazy! This is why I always stress not to worry about sending me anything - it's a small fortune!! Often more than the contents are worth inside. For just $50 I can fly w/an extra suitcase - 50lbs!! That's what I'll do. Oooh, ordered OOFOS boots today. I can't wait to get these!!!! 

In the afternoon, played with Cheryl and Carson in the snow. Sledding but I bashed myself in the face the very first run and that did it for me... Played on the ice and made snow angels.

And for the record, talking to Luca daily - he's in Virginia. He can't get off the ship. And his phone service is terrible. Basically, his phone doesn't work with the American SIM card. He borrows a mates phone to call in the evenings. No video. No texting. No pictures. Just a quick chat to share our day and love. As you can imagine, it's depressing. Yes, at least we get to talk. But... Sigh... Dang it I'm falling down that dark hole again! 



Sunday, Feb 21 - a morning working... Athlete schedules, some Marketing Choices "stuff", and spending the day here on the farm. Check out Jake cuddled up with grandpa's feet last night ^ Hee hee, cute!