If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

November training in Ohio

Monday, Nov 12 - drove by the Y three times and it was PACKED. Then realized Veterans Day was being recognized and lots o'people were off work. Hit it up later and got in...
1,600 yard swim + a lazy HIIT session

Tuesday, Nov 13 - rough morning. Rough day. Early night. We'll call it recharge and don't do that again day...

Wednesday, Nov 14 - up and out for a swim and HIIT and then a full shopping day w/the girls.
1,600 yard swim + quick HIIT

Thursday, Nov 15 - plans to run in the a.m.; woke to ice. ICE!! Worked all morning, helped at the house, and I guess I just don't do ice! I did visit with my dad for a bit though... and then scrubbed the smoke smell of me. ICK! I never got around to a workout. I really wanted to run :(
I did get to talk to my lovey today though!! He's near the coast so was able to pick up enough reception to call. He's doing okay; very busy! And the food sucks. LOL. Was so funny hearing him (an Italian!!!) go on and on about how much pasta, bread, and coffee they eat on the ship (it's a Spanish ship). I was LOLing the whole conversation. really honey, too much pasta? Oh too much bread? And they dip it in WHAT? Oh seven coffees a day!? Say Whaaaat!? Is that less than you?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love him so much. 10 more days!

Friday, Nov 16 - up super early for one final swim before surgery... grabbed 2,000 yards w/my aunt who totally makes me swim faster!! A short workout in the gym after. And to the VA for cyst removal. They ended up aspirating it instead of cutting it out. Doc said the return rate is the same and recovery for aspiration is way quicker. So there we have it. I'm in a brace for a few weeks but I can swim in 3 days.
2,000 yard swim + super quick HIIT

Saturday, Nov 17 - I can't manage to get much done in Ohio! I'm such a wuss to the cold. Went shopping w/Kelly and Kelly this morning and family pictures on the farm. I WANT to run...someone make me run!

Sunday, Nov 18 - get your butt up and running! 10mins w/my Jake and 30mins on my own - testing the Icebreakers gear (merino - LOVE IT!).

3 swims for 5,600 yards of swimming, a few HIIT sessions (although, they were short and lazy sessions), and a Sunday run.

I signed up for Barcelona 70.3. That training will get started in a couple of weeks. Aw, motivation!
Looking at Ohio 70.3 to follow and fingers crossed for 2020 Kona to become 2019 Kona. Otherwise, I'll throw in another fall race.