If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Let my next round of training commence...

As you know, I'm in Ohio. Well, maybe you didn't know... Yep, I'm in Ohio!! Luca is out on a mission and will meet me here in a couple weeks. The next month is all about family and getting things done. Training has commenced and guess what, I'm back in the pool!


Monday Nov 5 - 2,000 yard swim. Actually conquered that with better results than I thought. My goal was 1,000 but I felt good so I kept going. Once I hit 1,500 I thought, well I might as well do all 2000! Was pretty awesome to be in my own lane again.
Spent the day working and hanging w/granny to include her Parkinson's PT and the evening w/family celebrating Brittany (my stepsister)'s birthday.
SWIM 2000 yards

Tuesday Nov 6 - a short drive to Cincinnati to spend some time w/Steph and Chris. We ran for 30mins and did a HIIT session. Good times!! Lunch to follow, little bit of Christmas shopping, and an evening back at the G's.


Wednesday Nov 7 - 1,000 yard swim this morning before a day at the Dayton VA. Seriously, nothing at the VA takes shorter than a day! I really could have swam all day instead. The pool was empty and perfect temperature. Celebrated Grandpa and Uncle Joe's 89th birthday at Culver's. I had never even heard of the place - basically burgers and custard. Hoping I don't get too fat in the U.S. 😳
SWIM 1000 yards

Thursday Nov 8 - Jake to the vet this morning so I went w/out a morning workout. Good bill of health and he's all set for another year! Spent some time w/the girls and picked up Autumn for a couple of nights. Officially today was a rest day but I went ahead and grabbed a
HIIT session


Friday, Nov 9 - man how quickly this week passed! How is it Friday already!! The time just goes so fast in Ohio. I love it to bring my Luca here quickly but hate it that time passes by. Another night w/Autumn and family at grandma's. Somehow I managed zero workouts today. Doh! It's kinda intense keeping up with a 3 year old though...


Saturday, Nov 10 - up early for a 5k but it was COLD COLD. Still, I bundled up and got in a 5k while Cheryl (my aunt) mountain biked next to me. After we hit the Y for a 2,000 yard swim.
RUN 3.2 miles + SWIM 2000 yards

Sunday, Nov 11 - celebrating Veterans Day, praising God, and preparing for a busy next week...
HIIT session