If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

My final week being 37 #accountability Week 9

Hey guess what? I woke up this morning feeling really happy. Besides my hips aching through the night, I slept well. But what's important is that I woke up happy. I don't get to say that all the time!! I'm still plagued with depression and while in general, life is good, there's often a deep sadness. Luca packs it with love and understanding while I dump swimming, biking, and running over top of it. We do well! We're a great team! I feel the ground is nice and steady right now...
I'm like the Leaning Tower of (L)Pisa - always leaning, never falling.
Now, let's get moving, I have a huge week ahead of me!


From that to this :O !?!?!
Monday, June 25, 2018 - I get so frustrated with excuses. I believe you either find a way or you find an excuse. And it all depends how bad you want it. Sometimes I want to shake my athletes "JUST DO IT!" But, I understand...because I'm an athlete too. With that, here are my excuses for today:
storms, PMS, my hips ache, I don't want to
Don't get mad at me Coach.


Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - still feeling pretty ughhhhh today. Damn it I woke up so happy Monday morning. Stupid PMS!! Attempted my run and just felt flat. I ran for about an hour, but mostly walked. I'm kinda pissed at myself! I woke up so happy Monday morning. What is happening so quickly!? On a bright side - check out this view ^ . It's like a movie scene right? It doesn't even look real. It is though!!
RUN 4 miles

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - today has to be better right? Planned: swim and trainer...
3,500m swim done. The outdoor pool opened. YAY!! Had about half my swim to myself. Then a gal, then a guy, then it got CRAY. Took a short walk (Bocca di Magra) w/Danielle, Penny, Jenna, and Jake and a beer out w/Danielle and Diego after. And then I finally wrote my list that's been building in my head. I'm going to get my trainer session done tomorrow. Be flexible.
SWIM 3500m


Thursday, June 28, 2018 - a.m. run for 4 miles (43 minutes), cleaned my house and worked, p.m. run for 4 miles (44 minutes). I never did get on the trainer.
Double RUN 8 miles

Friday, June 29, 2018 - it's Luca comes home day!! I'm beside myself w/joy. But I have to wait all day and all night; so let's train! 1 hour on the trainer, 1,600m swim, and a ST session.
BIKE (trainer) 1 hour
SWIM 1,600m


Saturday, June 30, 2018 - with a late return last night, my long run today was troubled and I got started too late. Thought I'd split it up. 1 - My first two miles were strong but I went down quick. It was way too hot. 2 - even way more hot. 3 - dark. So I ran only 3 miles today instead of my scheduled 9. Eek! Dinner date w/my guy though *all the HEARTS*
RUN 3 miles

Sunday, July 1, 2018 - I really really wanted to do a 70.3 today (a 70.2 actually for 7/02 - my birthday!!) but we just couldn't make my idea work...for support, time, traffic, heat, etc. We decided to do bike, swim, run but the pool didn't open until 10 so I didn't start biking until 0730 which was honestly too late. Traffic got nuts by 9 and my ride quickly slowed. Around mile 48 a guy tried to back over me and I said okay I'm done. I swam my 1.2 miles at the pool. And now, it's midday and 100 degrees. I was able to push out 4 miles but I had to call it. I want to finish it off tomorrow though. Coach says leave it alone; what's done is done.
BIKE 48 miles
SWIM 2,000m
RUN 4 miles

Weekly Totals:
3 x Swims x 7,100 meters
2 x Bikes x 64 miles
5 x Runs x 19 miles