If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Microchip Me

Why are you so afraid of being micro-chipped? Do you think for one second that you aren't already being tracked? Don't you think the "men upstairs" already know?
Every move you make on your computer is traced. Every drive in your car. Every swipe of your credit card, bank card, flash of ID, account transfer, purchase, Google search. It's all tracked.
If you think I can't find an entire database of information or surveillance video on you, you're so naive.
"Big Brother" already knows who you are. And your information is out there for anyone who wants it; who will fight/hack hard enough for it.


You want convenience and speed and instant gratification. You want innovations and technology. Here it is! It's revolutionary!!

Imagine, you don't have to carry an ID; not even a passport!
No more credit cards, just wave your hand! No more cash.
No more identity theft.
No more work badges or parking passes. Bye bye gym memberships, grocery rewards cards.
No need for a wallet or purse!

And how about the ability to activate devices like your phone, door locks, computer and databases, cameras; your car!? Consider the access to limitless information like medical records, contacts, addresses...

With just a wave of your hand, the door will open wide for you. That kind of power.

We chip our dogs, our children, our vehicles, our cell phones, our bank accounts.

You want GPS and internet capabilities in everything you own. You want security cameras. You want people to be tracked; you want to know who your neighbors are. You comfortably type your credit card and personal info over the internet, over the phone probably daily. You tell FaceBook and Social Media where you are and what you're doing every single day. Keeping up with you isn't new.

So... what are you so afraid of?