If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Where are my creative juices!?

Seriously, I haven't been able to write much of anything in weeks!!
I'm creatively dry...
But I've been living passionately!! Soaking wet in adventure!!


Let's see, where did I leave off? GOBA?
Yeah, GOBA was great! One of the best years of GOBA we've had! I would say that the century day was the best. ^ Jason and I pulled the team all day in a double pace line ~ 100 miles. High fives, rockstar cyclists!!
We left a day early to hang out with Skittle and I had to fly out to California.


What a catastrophe that ended up being!! But not such a loss... I explored a few spots and I was able to link up with my friend Charlene who happened to be there for a conference.

Most horribly, sitting at lunch on my final day, I got a call from mom. Bad news. Jamie has brain cancer. HOLY SHIT. We all went numb for a few moments. It didn't take long to decide that instead of returning to Kansas, packing up the RV, and hitting the road for my 3,000 mile RV adventure, I would return to Kansas, pack up the RV, and reroute back to Ohio. An entirely different journey for self fulfillment, family support, and just, hey, let's play in Ohio for a few weeks!
It's not often I get a chance to spend DAYS in Ohio, let alone WEEKS. So here I am!!


I'm parked in my brother and sister-in-law's backyard. We hooked up an RV outlet and Jake and I are set (besides not having a dump ~ that is still gross to this day to say out loud). My job is to be here. They pulled Autumn out of day care and April works all day. So between Jamie, Alyssa, and myself, we have the baby. Jamie's treatment will start soon too and that means lots of appointments and back and forth trips to Columbus. I'm happy to help and find my own little adventures along the way (plus I'll get to see lots of friends!!). There are quite a few little tri's around here too that I'll probably get in to.


So... Jamie is doing surprisingly well. He had surgery on a Thursday and was released home on a Saturday. He has a gnarly cut on the back of his skull and as mentioned, treatment won't be a picnic. But he lives to hold that baby another day!


She's such a little peach too. I love how she stares at me. She looks at me everyday like I'm new. And then you can see 'who are you' process and I get the little baby smile and giggle. I totally get why moms take dozens of pictures of their tiny ones...
The annoying question looms, "does she make you want one?" Seriously people? So not an appropriate question. No, I do not have some biological clock ticking out of my heart.
You know what would "make me want one"? Knowing I was in a special magical relationship full of love and passion and forever. And even then... I like my time, money, and energy. So please just stop asking.


I continue to train. Ironman Vineman is July 30th. It's a little intimidating finding new roads. There are plenty of country roads to bike on, but most are quite winding. I'm afraid someone is going to come flying around a corner and hit me. I'm headed into taper so rides aren't more than 3 hours or so, so I just stay close and on the few familiar stretches. Running is great. I literally ran every single road in West Liberty Sunday. 3 hours total. There's a group that runs in Urbana on Tuesday nights too. I haven't joined them yet, but my intention is there. I also joined the Y. Their pool is okay, I've had to share lanes twice but I think that's just because of the time I have chosen to be there. Super friendly though!

I don't what's happening from day to day. I don't know what's going to happen.
I'm not making any plans or fighting any stressors.
With all the changes and worry... I'm surprisingly hopeful and calm.

I'll take the adventures as they come and...
When given lemons, I'll make orange juice!
I like to leave them wondering, how the hell did she do that!?