If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: Race Week

Monday, Sept 28:
More touring in Barcelona. We did wake up and get a strong 30 minute run in. Super cool running in the city!! We actually ran the stairs of Pla├ža d'Espanya and found a great coffee/pastry shop!
Breakfast there and then a tour of the church + a tour of the Guell Park. Finisihed the day with sangria on the rooftop. Headed to Calella (race site) in the a.m.!!

Tuesday, Sept 29:
To Calella batman! A quick hop skip and jump along the coast north!
We arrived, got some food, and put together our bikes (we have been anxiously awaiting this for days...). I discovered TSA pulled apart some things they shouldn't have and disassembled my bearings on my fork. 19 bearings (little tiny silver balls) exploded from my bag. AHHH!! Bicycle emergency! I rushed her to the local clinic and got her all fixed up. Kim ended up taking hers in to for a double check over. No worries!! Calella is beautiful.

Wednesday, Sept 30:
30 minute run along the Ironman course.
It rained ALL day.

Thursday, Oct 1:
Back to Barcelona to pick up Mom and Bob. We had lunch with Kaitlyn in the city then north back to Calella for food, beach, and vino. We also picked up our Ironman packets. Ready to go!!

Friday, Oct 2:
20 minute bike ride + 20 minute run + 20 minute swim
Tonight is carb night and get a good night of sleep night.
Dinner was a success!

Saturday, Oct 3:
Night of sleep was also a success!!
Athlete briefing + bike turn in.
Game time is REALLY HERE!!!

Sunday, Oct 4:
Ironman Barcelona. Race report to come!