Date Night Ideas


Have you ever seen one of those scratch off date night books? Or the date night ideas in a jar where you write out random ideas and then once a week draw one and commit to it? They are pretty standard, take a walk, lay under the stars, cook each other dinner... But what if these kinds of actions are your norm? What if you need a little more silly or obnoxious in your life? (like Luca and me) hee hee...

Well, I have two fun, unique, creative date night ideas and I need to share them with you!  

Maxx'd Out

Head on over to your local TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's, etc... Why here? Because they have a FUN selection of clothing for cheap. There's two ways you can play this game:

1st way - Go your separate ways and pick out 3 complete outfits for your other half. And I mean, go nuts, get obnoxious. The only rule, it has to be flattering. No moomoo's or skin tight pleather. But, the brighter, more obnoxious, outrageous, the better! 

Now, off to the dressing room for a fashion show and together you'll choose the best-worst for each other. Then, off to date night - dinner or drinks OUT! You HAVE to go out! 

2nd way - Head down aisles together, hands on the rack (of your size), close your eyes and start walking slowly. Your other half yells STOP! What ever item of clothing is under your hand is your outfit for the night. Do the same for top, bottom, shoes, and accessories. Then, off to date night - dinner or drinks OUT! You HAVE to go out! 

p.s. This is also a super fun girl's day/girl's night date as well.

Walmart Date Night

Head on over to your local Walmart or Target - really any store that has it all. That's not the date though, so get this done the day before or early on. Here's the deal:

Go your separate ways in the store (better yet, do this ahead of time separately!). Here's what you're going searching for:

  • Something for your other half that is their favorite color (a gift of sorts, you can set a price limit or go nuts)
  • Your other half's favorite drink 
  • Your other half's favorite snack
  • A random/favorite activity (think movie, model, puzzle, coloring, sewing, a cake - whatever you want!)
Bag it, wrap it, or lay it out on the table - this is your date night! Exchange the treasures and let your date night begin!