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What to do in Troy, Ohio

Born in Piqua, educated in Casstown, I grew up in and around Troy, Ohio. Where's that? Near Dayton -- is what I've said my whole life. It's a small town... North of Dayton, West of Columbus, barely on the map. That's not true anymore! Troy is a big town with a small town feel. It's grown!! Neighborhoods are springing up and cleaning up. Schools are expanding, businesses are developing, and the what to do is growing tremendously. Proud of my small town heritage and after spending the last 4 months in town I felt it deserved a dedicated 'What to do' travel blog! Let's start downtown...

Troy Downtown Square

Downtown Troy - the square! 

Downtown Troy is probably most famously recognized by its square and fountain. Old buildings, shops, and restaurants line the square. In June you'll find the fountain dyed red in lieu of Troy's annual Strawberry Festival. During Christmas, a grand decorated tree stands in the middle. The rest of the year, it's beautifully maintained, well manicured, weekend events, inviting music, and plenty to do. 

K hamburger 

K's Burgers

Famously, on the east side of the square you will find K's Hamburger Shop. Touted as a best and must stop burger joint from foodies, bloggers, and travelers alike, this place has been around since 1935. Walking in as a 40 year old grown up, the place doesn't look, smell, nor feel a single bit different than it did walking in as a 4 year old kid. It's loud, busy, and greasy -- but also deserving of its' reviews. You gotta grab a burger and a shake -- it's the real deal hole-in-the-wall burger joint. 

Museum of Troy History

Head one street over from K's and you can tour the Museum of Troy History on Water Street. It's only open on the weekends but you can get your fill on the history of Troy, Ohio. The permanent displays include a furnished parlor, foyer, and bedroom from the Victorian period. There's a 1920's kitchen and the mockup of a one room school house furnished with past relics from from Troy Schools. Promoting the history of Troy, it's a great place to get in touch with the past.

Overfield Tavern Troy

Overfield Tavern Museum

Across the street, visit the Overfield Tavern Museum. Once a frontier tavern, where travelers might meet residents, eat and drink and spend the night, it now houses a collection of early 19th century furniture, household items, and artifacts. The landmark has been restored to reflect life in the early 1800's and decorated to reflect its original use. Also fun fact: Until 1811 the County Court met in an upstairs room of the tavern. The tavern also housed the local Masonic Lodge, one of the first in the state of Ohio.

Mayflower Troy 

The Mayflower

On the west side of the square, the Mayflower Arts Center is waiting for you. Once a theater -1928- it now houses exhibits, art galleries, and offers classes and workshops. You can also rent the space for parties and events. 

Hayner Cultural Center

Hayner Cultural Center

Currently on the ballot for a possible closure, Hayner is a treasure to the community. It was formerly the mansion of Mary Jane Hayner, but now, the 1914 Romanesque mansion houses a community arts center. I remember taking ballet classes here as a wee girl. Featuring art classes, exhibits, and concerts, you might also love the furnishing and works of art inside. There's also a Victorian doll house and a permanent exhibition of the historic Pre-Prohibition Hayner Distillery Company. 


Miami County Courthouse

Okay, maybe not where you want to be, but it's a beautiful building to look at and it's right next door to the Hayner Culture Center so you might as well snap some photos! It was built in 1885 and well, as you can see is pretty! 

Hobart Arena

Hobart Arena

Another popular spot/landmark is the Hobart Arena -- built in 1946, the ideas of William H. and Edward A. Hobart came to life. Sporting events, concerts, plays, graduations, conferences, and most popular, the local ice skating rink and hockey!

Troy Aquatic Park 

Troy Aquatic Park

A favorite of kids, you can spend your summer at the community pool or "aquatic park" as they call it now. Huge slides, diving boards, baby pool, lap pool, shades, and loungers -- the park has a little bit of summer fun for everyone! They also offer swim lessons, workouts, and in June - Troy Kids Triathlon directed by my Ironman Aunt Cheryl!

Treasure Island & Floating Tents

Treasure Island & Floating Tents

This is one I haven't yet experienced - but it's here and I'm intrigued, so it made my list! So the park itself sits along the Great Miami River. It's basically a large, grassy, park area where a stage has been built for outdoor concerts and events. They host the annual 4th of July fireworks here and misc entertainment throughout the year. Float Troy is where floating the river and tent camping collide... Yes, actual tents, floating on the water. And you sleep in them... all night! I don't know if I'm brave enough for this! 

Miami County Parks

I'm so impressed by the parks in Troy (and Miami County). 

So for one, there are bike/run trails for miles! Which includes the Great Miami River Recreational Trail. There's something like 800 miles of bike trails that run through and obviously, out of the area. A portion of the Buckeye Trails runs along the bike paths too. 

But back to the actual parks - Troy hosts 29 community parks. It's best to just share this link so you can see what each offer. I love all the trails, green space, and sports opportunities. 

WACO Air Museum

WACO Air Museum

One of Luca's favorites, the WACO air museum is a tribute to the The WACO Aircraft Company. The area hosts a 77 acre field and features a 2200 foot runway as well as a learning center/museum. "The goal of the Learning Center is to use aviation related hands-on teaching projects to inspire and educate." I think one of the coolest aspects of this place: bi-plane rides! For $200 or $350 you can experience the thrill of an open cockpit bi-plane ride!

Veteran's Museum

Just down the road from WACO you'll find the new Veteran's Museum. It's still a work in progress (they've just moved to this location) - the museum exhibits reflects time periods from 1745 to the present day. From their site: "Various time periods of war, conflict, and peacekeeping include Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq and many other places where veterans have served. Exhibits focus on all six branches of the military. In addition there is a Media Room, Research Library, Military History Education Center and Memorial exhibit that includes a scale model of the World Trade Center and a piece of wreckage from the attack on 9/11 on World Trade Center on Sept 11, 2001." - all volunteer and donation ran!

Brukner Nature Center

Brukner Nature Center

You aren't a true Troy native if you haven't grown up at Brukner Nature Center! Just outside city limits, dedicated to wildlife, the 165 acre conservation offers 6 miles of hiking trails, bird watching in the Tree-top Bird Vista, the 1804 Iddings Log House, wildlife rehab center, art exhibits, and a nature library. A very cheap entrance fee helps support their mission!

fulton farms

Fulton Farms

Another fan favorite just outside city limits. Fulton Farms is located in a barn built over 100 years. The farm market offers fruits, veggies, and goodies that are homegrown and fresh from the fields of Fulton Farms. Strawberry fields, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms are just a few I remember visiting from youth. 

Eldean Covered Bridge

Eldean Covered Bridge

On a different corner of the map, in between Troy and Piqua, you might wander over to the Eldean Covered Bridge. Built in 1860, it is one of the nation's finest surviving examples of a long truss, patented in 1830 by engineer Stephen H. Long. At 224 feet (68 m) in length for its two spans, it is the longest surviving example of its type. You can't drive over it anymore, but for walks and photos, it's a treasure!

strawberry donuts

Strawberry Festival (Strawberry Jam 2021)

The strawberry festival is an annual event held in Troy along the levee. Thanks to the biggest strawberry patch east of the Mississippi and thanks to Fulton Farms is the reason behind the season. The festival started out very small in 1977 and has grown every year. Every year the festival sports a theme - which I feel like each deserve a read here. Arts and crafts vendors, local foods, products, local businesses - and everything strawberry (like the famous strawberry donuts) are to be found at the Strawberry Festival. 

I'm going to touch on some favorite places to eat (besides K's). Most of these are pretty new and honestly have reviews from 1 star to 5 star. I'll let you be the judge: 

Basil's on Market, Agave Rye, Bakehouse Bread and Cookie, Moeller Brew Barn, The Caroline, The Olive Oasis, Winan's Chocolates, Dunaway's, Leaf and Vine

What are you favorite places in Troy, Ohio?!