If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Today in Italy


It's true, we are back in lockdown - well, sort of. Last week the country implemented a 3 tiered system of restrictions. Each region with its own based on 21 criteria. The country is trying to avoid a complete country lockdown but we aren't far away. Our health experts are saying the situation is "largely out of control" and we see restrictions get heavier and heavier. It started with curfew, bars and restaurants closing early, smart working is back in play, and now, region by region, we are closing borders...

Red zones have the tightest restrictions: Lombardy, Piedmont, Valle d'Osta, and Calabria. No one in, no one out.

Orange zones include Liguria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Umbria, Puglia, and Sicily. Recall, I live on the border of Liguria and Tuscany. We are restricted to our municipality (the city where we live).

Yellow zones with the lightest restrictions are Capania, Emilia-Romagna, Fruili, Lazio, Marche, Molise, Trento, Sardinia, and Veneto. They can move around their region.

Basically movement is limited, things are closed, and curfews are in place. It's really a country wide lockdown w/out calling it a country wide lockdown. Red regions can't leave their municipality while orange zones can't leave their region. Yellow zones can but are highly recommended no movement. But if you look at the map of the regions, no one can really move anywhere anyway. Nice and tricky, Italy *wink wink*. 

It's not so bad for us honestly. I work from home, Luca is Italian military. We are actually in quarantine right now as one of his colleagues has tested positive and he shares an office with the guy. They wear masks and live in sanitizer... So far, no symptoms, no worries. But we are taking extra precautions and of course, staying home. 

So once again, the streets (after 6pm'ish) are quiet. I would say, COVID exhaustion is in full effect. If not sick with it, we're sick of it. We're definitely seeing more unrest on the news - protests, defiance, intolerance of the government control measures. What was once #IStayHome is turning to #IStayOpen

A lot of the restrictions don't make sense. Like, why is a restaurant closed for dinner but not for lunch? Is COVID not contagious at lunchtime? I feel like the decisions aren't doing much to limit infection instead increase unemployment! I full lockdown is definitely in the air - and maybe a better response than this half ass shit that doesn't make sense. 

So the big curiosity, are you allowed to come home, Lisa? Of course I'm allowed, it's just a bit difficult. Being an American citizen, I can come and go. Being an Italian resident, I can come and go. The troubles are, Luca doesn't have the same freedom because of his military. Being my husband, he's allowed - but the military doesn't approve of the risk. Also, Jake. I mean, we've been through all the Jake emergencies that I shared on FB. That's put us on a huge pause in life... But also, connecting flights/countries aren't allowing dogs through right now - even service dogs. UK is totally off as well as Amsterdam. With limited connections, there are limited flights available. Period. My usual flight route isn't available at all. I either have to go to Milan or Rome to get out. And that WILL happen in January no matter what. I need some family time - big time! 

That's our current life in Italy!! Restricted - the new norm.