If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

2 weeks of June!!

Monday, June 1, 2020 - what does June have in store? Since I was too tender yesterday to do Tri-A-Du, I did it today. 1.5k run, 20k bike (trainer), 5k run. Still tender; but felt good. And ran into Michelle out on the run so we caught up too *hearts to friends*. The rest of the day was work.

Tuesday, June 2 - out for a run today w/a whole lot of work to follow up. 45mins for 4 miles + arms
RUN + Arms

Wednesday, June 3 - rainy rainy day. I kept meaning to get on the trainer but it never happened. Worked so much instead.

Thursday, June 4 - another rainy day. See what happens though when I toss in a rest day? I end up with multiple rest days. If I rest, I rust. Must keep moving!!! Still wondering if IM Kazakhstan will take place. It hasn't been canceled yet but I can't see us actually being ready since we haven't been able to swim. We need to get out to the sea...

Friday, June 5 - got a morning run but also got bad news at mile 3. Struggled those final 2 miles. But made it 5. Luca was on duty today/tonight so I worked a lot and binged Housewives of Bev Hills - shh, I love my smutty Netflix shows!

Saturday, June 6 - 45mins on the KickR before our trip to Milan. Dinner at G&G's and we met Anna.
BIKE (trainer)

Sunday, June 7 - raining cats and dogs in Milan and we decided to stay one more night...

Monday, June 8 - return trip to Milan. I excused myself out of training. We didn't sleep so nice in Milan so we felt pretty worn down.

Tuesday, June 9 - but better today for a 5k run before the rain! ALL the rain!

Wednesday, June 10 - 45mins on the KickR today; a nice hard sprint sweat session. And time with my love before he departs on a ship.

Thursday, June 11 - ran a 5k this morning after kissing my darling goodbye (ship mission). It's always hard - 24 hours away or 24 days.

Friday, June 12 - I actually forgot to train. I know that sounds silly; I got busy! Happy Birthday to my momma.

Saturday, June 13 - but got that VR11 done today! 1.5k run, 20k bike (KickR), 5k run

Sunday, June 14 - a 10k run to follow up yesterday's fun.