If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Real Deal TIRAMISU

When he pronounced it Tu-Rom-A-Zo I made him repeat it half a dozen more times with a dumbfounded HUH, WHAT, SPELL IT!! It's tiramisu... And he was making fun of the way others might pronounce it. Of course not me, nor any of you!! We all know what tiramisu is!! Silly Italian ;)


But yep, Luca walked me through how to make legit Italian tiramisu. And I'd love to share every ingredient and secret with you, but I can't!! Every Italian family has their own methods and madness and I am privileged. (and seriously impressed!!). After collecting a few ingredients (to include cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese, and lady fingers), I was truly impressed to watch, listen, see Luca walk me through the entire process without a recipe, without a call to mom, and without hesitation...

In case you didn't know, tiramisu is a very delicate Italian dessert. It is one of those dishes that gets better each day, if it lasts! Ours lasted only 3 helpings (but we gave some to friends too!!). It's also a dish that, as mentioned, is very 'family recipe' oriented and can be made in so many ways. There are lots of secrets to ensure the perfetto (perfect) texture and taste though.

Watch ours come to life...

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